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Motel 6 Youngstown
Youngstown, Ohio

82 Rooms  

  • Prime and highly visible and irreplaceable ±2.92 acre location off Interstate 80 (Exit 229) which carries hundred of thousands of vehicle daily in the region. Youngstown is within a one-day truck drive of more than 153 million consumers representing nearly half of the population of the US. Halfway between New York City and Chicago on transcontinental I- 80 (with six interchanges, plus north-south I-79 immediately to the west).  

  • The property runs with a corporate expense structure and new hands on management will benefit from numerous expense reductions in labor, and general and administrative expenses.

  • The  property has been been fully renovated and well maintained.  The property is being sold turn key with no or minimal PIP. The franchise agreement is terminable.    

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