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What We Do

Acadia Lodging Brokerage & Advisors represents buyers and sellers in the hospitality industry and provides the following brokerage and consulting services:

Hotel asset sales & investment management

Management and franchise negotiations

Real estate brokerage

Research, consulting & strategic planning for your property

Hotel valuation

Financing advisory 

With over 25,000 people in our database, our potential buyers range from individual property owners to regional hotel companies, domestic private equity funds, publicly traded hotel companies and international real estate investors. Acadia also has significant experience in selling distressed lodging assets for regional and national lenders and special servicers.

Our Approach

Acadia exclusively focuses on hotels and lodging facilities. We are experts in the field and have our pulse on the industry so we can advise our clients when to sell, when to refinance, and where and when to buy. 

We see it as our job to maximize the ROI for every one of our clients. 

To do so, we obsess over details and never cut corners. Our careful process supported by decades of experience in the hotel industry allows us to support our clients at every stage of the transaction — from acquisition, financing and disposition to rebranding.  

  • For our sellers, we research each property to optimize the value of each facility and market it to the most qualified buyers. We develop a property-specific, tailored marketing strategy to attract the right investor and leverage the competitive nature of the hotel.


  • For our buyers, we undertake a thorough market research and operational analysis to provide qualitative and quantitative insights into the potential of a property before they invest.

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