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Case Studies & Testimonials

Sample Sales Transactions and Assignments

Marriott Development, Central New Jersey

  • Development project owned by a family office that needed to divest quickly

  • Site was encumbered with financial and physical barriers

  • Sourced only regional, motivated developers who could tackle a difficult development project with Marriott 

  • Closed successfully despite complicated, high pressure sales environment 

“Sabena did a remarkable job with this property. There were numerous constraints and a tight marketing period, but that didn’t stop her! She found a great buyer and closed the deal efficiently and professionally. I can’t recommend Acadia highly enough!”


–John M. Muscarelle of Jos. L. Muscarelle LLC


Gateway Inn, Long Island

  • Dated exterior corridor hotel with site constraints

  • Extensive capital investment required with limited financing options

  • Per client request, a quiet marketing process to limit operation disruption

  • Found buyer quickly who guaranteed a quick close within one week

“I cannot recommend Sabena Arora highly enough.  I owned a family hotel business for 38 years, and fortunately when it came time to sell, I had already planned to hire her as my broker.  She has plenty of successful hotel sales to endorse her, but more important, she draws on a wide experience on Wall Street, in finance, and plain common sense.  Having owned and sold her own family's hotel earlier in her life, she brought an important element that added bonus value to the entire process. From the time I signed with her, right through to closing day, Ms. Arora was available for the smallest detail that came up, day or night. You will not find a more committed broker who, I can guarantee, will be present to walk you through the issues that will get you to the final sale.” 


– Charles Maier


Advisory 1031 exchange

  • Client had limited time to identify exchange property with limited options

  • Quickly assisted in the process and advised on a successful close and tax savings

"Sabena Arora employs her extraordinary focused energy to the hotel brokerage field where she is able to understand and vision Value to customers looking to add to their lodging portfolios. She has a tell-it-like-it-is approach to lodging brokerage that I have greatly valued in helping me decide whether to sell or buy a lodging asset. Sabena Arora’s boutique lodging brokerage company is certainly one I will be entrusting to sell one of my hotels; and, as a buyer, I know she usually has well-analyzed lodging investments for me to consider buying. Simply put, Sabena closes."


– Jeff Wilder, Lodging Property Investor and Broker

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Boutique Hotel, NYC 

  • Distressed note sale of hotel encumbered with a ground lease

  • Assisted private $1 billion bank in performing a risk analysis of the transaction

  • Successfully advised bank to not overbid and concluded the asset does not ultimately fit their investment parameters

“Sabena, this is an example of how good you are: We were shown this deal and advised the lender would sell their $45MM mortgage for a third. We were told if we buy a note for this amount, we would make a larger profit as the property was worth so much more than that. I was scratching my head, but then you became involved and quickly calculated that the property is worth $15-18MM. Then everything fit into place!”


–Managing Director of Private Bank

Aeriel View of New York

Comfort-affiliated hotels in energy sector market

  • Properties owned by an institutional hotel company 

  • Preemptively addressed critical issues such as extensive PIPs, new supply and declining demand

  • Identified strategic buyers to mitigate market period and due diligence. 

  • Worked with brand to negotiate PIP and sourced potential lenders 

  • Structured a transaction to meet the goals of the seller and buyer  

  • Properties were under contract within 30 days


Choice Pennsylvania Portfolio

  • Optimized transaction with creative financing and terms that met the needs of both seller and buyer

  • Net result exceed seller’s proceed expectations by 15%

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