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About Acadia

From Wall Street to Main Street, We Know Hotels

Every building has a story. The Radisson at 1260 Broadway was once the Hotel Martinique, an architectural marvel created by Henry J. Hardenbergh. The multibillion dollar Marriott franchise had its humble beginning as a root beer stand set up back in 1927.

The Acadia story also began decades ago. Our founder, Sabena Arora, spent weekends in her childhood driving on and off highway exit ramps to analyze hotel locations. Studying markets was a family hobby and Sabena’s father taught her at an early age that each location, location, location has its own value. 

Understanding the Value of Every — Location from Wall Street to Main Street

At Acadia Lodging Brokers & Advisors, we listen to the stories that each property tells, from a local Comfort Inn to a boutique hotel in the Adirondacks or the Ritz on Central Park. Yes, we know that when it comes to buying and selling hotels, the bottom line matters. But we know that there is more to the equation. Each property has a unique set of perks and quirks, opportunities and idiosyncrasies. And it’s these small details that can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing value.

We Don’t Over-Promise. We Over-Deliver.

At Acadia, we work with a small group of customers so that we can provide a more comprehensive brokerage service. Put simply: We go further. We extensively research every property and develop strategies to maximizing each client’s ROI. Our full-service, boutique approach is based on 3 core values: integrity, reliability and creativity.


We research each property before we list it, so we can address issues before they arise and quickly find creative solutions throughout the trade. We always do our homework and pay attention to details, and we’re savvy at finding solutions and maximizing returns.

How can we help you?

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