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Why Choose Acadia?

Our Competitive Edge Is Our Attention to Detail

As a boutique, real estate brokerage firm, Acadia Lodging Brokers & Advisors specializes in helping find just the right buyers for the properties in your portfolio. And for our clients looking to invest in a lodging asset, we work tirelessly to find the property that will meet your needs and maximize the quality of your investment. 

Acadia by the Numbers

Advised on over $5 billion in hotels transactions 

Extensive database of over 25,000 hotel investors

$90 million closed since inception

95% success rate for closings

1/2 the marketing period of industry standards 

We close deals faster by doing the research...first.

At Acadia, we carefully assess each property to identify its unique value and preemptively address any relevant hurdles.

With Acadia, you get something more.

We conduct due diligence before we list a property, so deals are closed quickly and efficiently.

We get to know each property we list and take the time to find just the right seller. 

We help our buyers execute on the transaction from the offer, due diligence, financing and closing.

We have our pulse on the market and will advise you - honestly- not only if you should sell, but when the timing is right. 

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